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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 1, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> stop. please stop. >> kimberly: make it stop. >> creates a killer web site for your small business represented by walter. together, they're perfect. >> greg: please stop. >> bob: you know what eric said? eric said it was fine until the last close-in shot, he didn't want the kid to see that. >> kimberly: stop it, bob. he look look -- >> greg: my mother won't watch that again. >> bob: because of the tongue thing? >> greg: we don't need to see it six times. jimenez is the new generation. >> andrea: jonah hill look like the nerd have risen up. >> kimberly: paris hilton video next. car wash. >> greg: i don't want to
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watch p.d.a. closeup. or period, i don't like it. >> kimberly: okay. call a counselor. >> eric: great show. call out, washington waits for it. that is it. colin kaepernick over flacco. >> bob: hour has been on the air 20 hours so far today. >> have a great weekend. see you monday. ♪ ♪ >> bret: a major shift in obamacare. when it comes to contra acceptive coverage. one group sees a big fight ahead. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. the obama administration buckled today in the battle with some religion non-profit organizations over the requirement they offer birth
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control coverage in their health insurance packages. while today's shift is significant, it also leaves out a big group that is also suing the government. chief washington correspondent james rosen tells us what triggered the change. >> under the new rules proposed by health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius non-profit religious employers will be able to opt out of the obamacare mandate of female contraceptive in the healthcare plan. instead insurers will be required to provide coverage, including standard birth control and items like the morning after pill. the white house says the modifications meet president obama's overarching goals. >> we had to ensure the women have access to preventative services like contraception. the policy also respects religious beliefs. >> catholic league bill donahue held the announcement as a sign of good will toward the catholic community. because the private sector firms with religious objections are not covered by the proposal and many insurance firms are apt to shift the absorbed cost back
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to employers anyway, even if they are not for profit, catholic schools, charity or hospitals, all other groups dismissed the latest h.h.s. move as window dressing. >> religious charities like catholic charities are not off the hook today. on the contrary, they are forced to contract with a third party to still provide objectionable products like abortion inducing drugs for employees. today's accommodation is another version of the old accounting gimmick. >> the administration said insurers will detucket the cost of the contraception from user fees they pay to the federal government to take part in the insurance marketplaces or exchanges established by the obamacare law. and sebelius struggled to explain how it wouldn't leave taxpayers footing the bill. >> we believe that the cost of providing this coverage is not, as i mentioned before, is cost -- that overall, it
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reduces, it leads to reduced costs because preventative services provide coverage in a way that is more helpful for benefits. >> the aide acknowledged -- >> we have not estimated cost. we welcome comment on that reviewers are reviewing the analysis. >> the h.h.s. contraception mandate sparked dozens of lawsuits, many by private sector companies opposed on religious grounds, among them as you saw the hobby lobby that faces fines of more than $1 million a day. if it does not comply. it's expected the supreme court will rule on the cases. in the meantime, the new proposed rules will face 60 days of public comment and likely become law this summer. >> bret: companies are looking at that. thank you. should any employer be forced to cover contraceptives in the healthcare plan? let me know on twitter. a day after the president shut down the jobs council, reminder of just how suffocating the unemployment
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situation still is. the national jobless rate went up after two months of no changes. white house correspondent wendell goler looks inside the numbers tonight. >> reporter: with the tenth of a point increase in unemployment rate to 7.9%, the january jobs report was at least initially disappointing. the revised no. and december figures mean we average 200,000 new jobs a month over the past three months. those are numbers the white house is willing to stand behind. >> we created 2.2 million with the revisions of jobs in 2012. that means that we have been moving in the right direction when it comes to job creation. >> not moving fast enough for republicans like house speaker john boehner who said in a written statement, "more than 12 million americans are still unemployed and it's been that way for far too long." boehner said the president should haven't let the jobs council go out of business this week. though congress only approved a handful of the recommendations. >> some analysts say the private sector seems to be
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weathering the country's fiscal uncertainty and is doing so nervously. >> we have massive deficit, big tax increase. no apparent willingness to get government off people's backs by reducing government spending. all of that is a heavy weight on the private sector. firms around the nation are sitting on their cash instead of creating jobs. >> on wednesday, the commerce department announced economic growth fell to a minus tenth of a percent, the last three months of last year. so the chairman of the president's council of economic advisors says other indicators remain positive. >> consumer spending increased. business investment; particularly, for equipment and software was strong. residential construction was strong. we are seeing signs of that in the jobs report. >> it also showed a larger number of people dropped out of the labor force than found jobs. former administration economist says some of that is to be expected. >> the population is aging, so we expect to have a fair number of people retiring every month for the next ten
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years or more as the baby boom is retiring. >> actually, the conference board reports a sharp increase in the number of older workers considering delaying retirement, which could make it difficult for young people to get in to job market. >> unemployment for 18- to 29-year-oldsstoped 13% last month. for african-americans it was more than 22%. 1.7 million young people weren't counted because they had given up looking for a job. >> bret: wendell goler live on the north lawn. thank you. that is the bad news. here is the good news. the dow went over the 14,000 mark this morning for the first time since 2007. it gained 149 points on the day to close at 14,010. s&p 500 was up 15. nasdaq finished ahead 37. auto sales are off to a strong start for the year. toyota led the way in january with a 27% jump. ford was up 22%. general motors and chrysler, 16% apiece.
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2012 was the top yore for car sales -- top year for car sales in the last five. go what chuck hagel needs tonight. if he is to become the secretary of defense. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel tells us hagel's confirmation hearing left doubters with plenty of questions. >> a day after bruising confirmation hearing, the former colleagues say the performance did not help his cause and did not win them over. >> i don't intend to vote for him in the committee or on the senate floor. there were so many inconsistencies yesterday, plained by well, i'd have to look at the whole context of what i said at the time. >> that brings the number of republican nos to 12 including richard burke, dan coates, john cornyn, cruz, inhof, kirk, rubio, pat roberts, viter and wicker. he incorrected stated that
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president obama's policy on the iran nuclear program. >> i just been handed a note that i, i misspoke and said i supported the president's position on containment. if i said that, meant to say that i obviously, his position on containment we don't have a position on containment. >> we do have a position on containment that we do not favor containment. >> hagel appeared unfamiliar with the massive cut on the department of defense part of the august 2011 budget control act. >> you were after the sequestration bill has passed. >> not sequestration. budget control act. they were talking here about what would happen if you took the cuts. that is what i was talking about. >> at the white house for now they are standing by the nominee. >> president believes that senator hagel will make an excellent secretary of defense and he will be confirmed. he looks forward to working
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with senator hagel in that positions we continue to advance our national security priorities. >> new york senator chuck schumer who initially had, "genuine concerns about hagel's record on iran and israel and tends to vote for confirmation." likewise, the junior senator from new york kirsten gillibrand. others say the confirmation vote will be very close, at or just above the 51 votes needed. fill buster is possible, but leading republican senator tells me that he doubts it will succeed because enough members believe hagel deserves up-or-down vote. support is still solid and they insist there is no heartburn among democrats. >> bret: thank you. energy secretary steven chu the nobel prize winner sheparded effort to spur clean energy u.s. economy will step down after tenure rocked by failures of costly government investments. chu took responsibility but not the blame for the hal half-billion investment in
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solyndra that went bankrupt after the administration doubled down in 2011. in award ceremony, president obama praised chew chule for designing a cap to plug deep water horizon oil spill in 2010. this is a big position, especially with the energy issues still pending in the president's second term. from washington, to the kremlin. plea for russians to get busy. salacious details later in the grapevine. up next, hillary clinton says cowboy, as another american embassy comes under attack. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study...
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>> bret: topping world headlines. rescuers are searching for survivors of yesterday's explosion at the headquarters of mexico's state-owned oil company. the blast in the basement of an administrative building killed at least 32 people and injured well over 100.
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the cause remains a mystery. still under investigation. antigovernment violence in egypt for an eighth consecutive day. the largeest in the suez canal city where a court sentenced 21 people to death for riot at a soccer stadium a year ago. emotional day today at state department in the u.s. another terror attack against an american embassy abroad. the time day for the top diplomat. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the story. >> the 67th secretary of state left the building. packed farewell for hillary clinton, as she exited. her staff lineed the state department hall to say goodbye. many believe they will see her on the public stage again in 2016. >> i am very proud to have been secretary of state. i will miss you. i will probably be dialing up just to talk. >> with the cloud of benghazi
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hanging over her, secretary of state clinton's last day was marred by another attack on another u.s. embassy overseas. that time suicide gate in turkey. an embassy in turkey had been slated to be moved for security reasons. they emphasized that security was reviewed in the wake of benghazi which may have saved lives. >> as a result of the way that it was hardened we only lost the one local security guard. >> there were others inside the glass shaken up by this. >> turkish authorities say they identified the attacker alleging he belongs to a marxist leftist domestic group in turkey. the revolutionary people liberation party front. however, officials say it's too early to determine who was responsible. u.s. intelligence sources have not ruled out involvement of al-qaeda. or even iranian proxy group angry at per zeeed
3:17 pm
u.s. involve -- perceived u.s. involvement in sir yeah. for domestic reasons the turks may not want it to appear al-qaeda is in turkey striking u.s. targets for fear the local turks will call for the u.s. military personnel to leave. the first battery of the patriot missiles in the u.s. sent to turkey is operational on syria's border today. it's widely believed inside syria among assad's ally that the u.s. help israeli target the convoy carry the missiles to lebanon that was bombed inside syria by the warplanes two days ago. >> in a swipe at the critics and the press whom she felt asked too many questions about benghazi, secretary of state clinton told "associated press" in exit interview those who criticize the administration handling of benghazi attacks, "don't live in an evidence-based world." bret? >> bret: jennifer, now we are learning that defense secretary panetta will testify on capitol hill about benghazi before leaving the pentagon. >> that is right. he hadn't planned to. but the threats from some lawmakers to potentially hold
3:18 pm
up a vote on chuck hagel on panetta's replacement pressed the pentagon to have panetta go up on to capitol hill to testify before the senate armed services committee next thursday. that is the same day that the senate is expected to vote on hagel's nomination. meanwhile, secretary of state john kerry was sworn in today during a private ceremony on capitol hill. he made headlines telling the boston globe president obama picked him for the job a week before susan rice withdrew her name over the benghazi controversy, which is a different timeline of what we have known before now. bret? jennifer griffin, live from the state department. thank you. 17% of male marines say they will leave the corps if women move in combat positions. in the survey done before the pentagon announced women could serve in combat, male marines worried about being falsely accused of sexual harassment or assault. still ahead, remembering a new york original. first, report card on school
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and resist snacking. your friends might think you found the secret to losing weight. but it's no secret... it's slimful. eating less is a beautiful thing. >> bret: advocates of school choice spent the week organizing several events around the country and drawing attention a matter that affects millions of american families. correspondent doug mckelway tonight on the controversy over freedom of movement in education. >> this weekbe is about the future of american public education. >> supporters of the national school choice week campaign kicked off the celebration this week with 14 planned whistle stops across the country. >> organizers say research increasingly shows that students in poor performing public schools given alternatives, whether they be better public schools, charter schools, magnet schools,
3:23 pm
homeschooling do better. >> the they the says parents who select schools and schools of choice are outperforming the traditional system. they are improving faster than the traditional system. >> case and point is the washington, d.c. opportunity scholarship program that gives 1700 d.c. students vouchers to attend private schools. >> they have a 91% graduation rate. grad rate in d.c. schools hover around 60%. >> like tremendous popularity and shortage of slots the obama administration capped enrollment in the d.c. program under pressure from teachers union. earlier in 2008 campaign speech to the american federation of teachers then candidate obama criticized the opponent for supporterring vouchers. >> the only proposal is recycling tired rhetoric about vouchers and school choice. >> besieged by the republicans and many democrats and supported the d.c. program,
3:24 pm
they relented. >> best bet are reforming the public school system. many on the left who oppose voucher support school choice but under the us a spaces of public -- us a spaces of public education. >> raer than divert money away to individual private schools. of varying quality -- varying quality of no regulation or accountability for student outcome. >> unions are pressing the fight against the vouchers. last december they ruled jindal's voucher program in louisiana amounted to unconstitutional payment of public funds. other state teacher unions are following loads' lead suggesting a bumpy road ahead for school choice movement. >> bret: thank you. plenty of tears shed today along the florida space coast. three disasters that each
3:25 pm
rocked the space program are being remembered. correspondent steve harrigan is at kennedy space center tonight. >> ten years ago, family member on those on board columbia gathered at kennedy space center to await return of the loved ones. ♪ ♪ >> selfless service of the men and women who lost their lives in the "columbia" accident. >> it came today a decade later in remembrance. for some, the pain still fresh. >> february 1, 2003, became a traumatic, shocking day. anticipating a joyful homecoming of our crew, we were jolted in the viewing area to a nightmarish stroll of fear, uncertainty and horror. that led to a crushing announcement that the crew had perished in reentry.
3:26 pm
>> nasa marked three of the worst tragedies today. each occurring in the same winter week. in 1967, fire on the launch pad killed three astronauts on board apollo 1. including gus grisham, member of the original mercury program. in 1986, the shuttle acc challenger exploded killing all seven on board, including the first teacher in space. the tragedy witnessed by school children shook the nation. >> i know it's hard to understand that sometimes painful things like this happen. it's all part of the process of exploration and discovery. it's all part of taking a chance and expanding man's horizons. the future doesn't belong to the faint-hearted. it belongs to the brave. >> finally in 2003, minutes from landing, the space shuttle columbia broke apart
3:27 pm
on reentry, again killing all seven on board, israeli the first israeli to fly in space. it was later determined piece of foam broke off in launch and damaged a wing. causing the orbiter to break up in the reentry. those seven astronauts were mothers and father who left behind 12 children, among whole became fighter pilot, marine captain and seminary student. >> bret: steve harrigan live at the kennedy space center tonight. thank you. romanians fire back against brittic officials over immigration. russia's president brings in reinforcements. for one of his signature agenda items. you don't want to miss the grapevine next.
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>> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. hillary clinton departure from the state department today marks a milestone for washington. tomorrow will be the first day in 32 years and two weeks that a bush or clinton has not been a part of the white house administration. that is 11,70 # gays that a -- s that member of the two families has not served as president, vice president or secretary of state.
3:32 pm
1981, george bush started it all when he was sworn in as vice president. updating the stories in the friday followup segment, president obama's uncle scheduled for a deportation hearing. he was scheduled with issue to deparration order 21 years ago but he is still living inside the united states. in 2011 he was arrested for drunken driving. this week there is a deportation hearing for december 3. he came to the u.s. from kenya in october of 1963 for school. he was supposed to leave in 1970. wednesday we told you about the proposed ad by great britain to convince europeans not immigrate to great britain. they wanted to launch the ad in romania and bulgaria to point out downside of life in england. romanian newspaper put out an
3:33 pm
ad of its own to say who would want to move to your rainy, cloudy country anyway and it calls in question why anyone would leave a country when half the women look like kate and the other half look like her sister. our draft beer is cheaper than your bottled water. putin sput one of our favorite -- vladimir putin is one of our favorites here on the grapevine. he again delivered. long encouraged russian families to have at least three children and now bringing in soulful voices for his fertility campaign. boys to men. "moscow times" reports the stylist trio of boys to men, most successful group of all time coming to moscow to give russian men inspiration ahead of st. valentine's day. russia's past effort include a province declaring a conception day holiday in 2007. women who gave birth nine months later were entered for
3:34 pm
a chance to win a refrigerator. how romantic. new york has lost an original. former mayor ed koch died. senior correspondent eric shawn looks at a larger than life character who once said he didn't get ulcers. he gave them. >> he had been in and out of the hospital the past few months. now the city he so loved mourns ed koch. >> when we were down, ed koch picked us up. when we were worried he gave us confidence. when someone needed a good kick in the rear, he gave it to them. and if you remember, he enjoyed it. >> how am i doing? [ applause ] >> he was the very symbol of the city itself. >> brash. brave. funny. outspoken. sharp. >> ed koch brought new york city back from the brink when he was elected mayor in 1977. >> somebody thought i could win. but i got my message out.
3:35 pm
people believed it. they voted for me. it was a shock. >> he was born in 1924, newark, new jersey. served in world war ii and took on the democratic hall of the 1960s as a reformed democrat before elected councilman and congressman and moving to city hall where he inherited a city besieged by crime, public unrest and near bankruptcy. but by force of his personality he put new york back on the path to solvency. >> when i came in, the city was in a state of short-term debt. of $6 billion we had to eliminate if four-year period and we did it over three-year period. i'm very proud of what we did. >> by his third term in 1989, ration tension and homelessness took their toll. he was defeated in the democratic primary and went on to remain publicly active as a beloved citizen. >> and as i said when i left office, i'm never going to retire.
3:36 pm
it expect to die at this desk. >> koch who never married always described himself as a liberal with sanity. >> i'm a wacko. he often endorsed republicans and known for the independent, passionate and spirited ways. >> we could use this camera instead of the budget -- >> he picked his burial place so he would stay in manhattan. on his tombstone chose the last words of slain journalist daniel pearl michigan father jewish, my mother is jewish, i am jewish. daniel pearl was murdered by terrorists in 2002. on this very same day that koch also died. ed koch's funeral is monday. he will be remembered with affection and respect by many, including those like me. who that the privilege of joy of knowing and covering this very uncommon public official for decades. bret? >> bret: eric, thank you. the obama administration
3:37 pm
caves on contraceptives. sort of. we get reaction from the fox all-stars when we return. [ male announcer ] what are happy kids made of? bikes and balloons, wholesome noodles on spoons. a kite, a breeze, a dunk of grilled cheese. catches and throws, and spaghettio's. that's what happy kids are made of. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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viagra. talk to your doctor. see if america's most prescribed ed treatment is right for you. >> bret proposed rule, insurance company not churches or other religious organizations will cover contraceptive services. no non-profit religious institutions will be forced to pay for, or provide, contraceptive coverage. churches and houses of worship are specifically exempt. >> i prayed for some type of accommodation for some time. this is a fight we don't want. >> this proposed accommodation does nothing for say a family-owned business. like hobby lobby, which is on the hook for millions of dollars of fines. because they don't want to be forced by the government to violate the tenets of their faith.
3:41 pm
>> bret: it's friday. big things sometimes happen in washington on friday. today, something did. change in obamacare. under the proposed rule under human health and services secretary kathleen sebelius change in now contraception, the non-profit religious employers will be able to opt-out of the obamacare mandate for provision offelt contraceptives through the healthcare plan. this is only the fon profits and doesn't deal with the companies who also sued the federal government. so let's bring in the panel. steve hayes senior writer for "weekly standard." juan williams, columnist with "the hill." sindcated columnist charles krauthammer. steve, thoughts on the implications. we went through this election and dealing with this numerous times. now this. >> a little bit more obamacare magic. you remember after the original proposal, the obama administration tried to rach it back and foot what it called a compromise that none of the people effective really thought was a compromise. i think we will see the same
3:42 pm
reaction to this non-compromise compromise. it had noncommittal response from cardinal timothy dolan in new york. you have had other catholic organizations that raised questions about what this will mean. is this a way to allow the organizations to feel like they are not providing the coverage when in fact they will be. or the insurance company will be. it feels like a dodge and obama administration trying to do something for public relations purposes that is not doing itself. >> bret: one thing they couldn't answer was cost. when pressed where does the cost go, neither the white house or h.h.s. could answer the question who would pay for the increased cost. where does it go? >> the cost goes back to the person buying the insurance plan so everybody pays for it.
3:43 pm
that is a wide investment. from the insurance company per speculative, they see it as preventive. it helps to stop a bigger cost, which is either an unintended pregnancy or somebody who gets sick because they lack, you know, obviously birth control and controlling cycles is more than just birth prevention. example of georgetown she was upset about a friend who had a uterin problem and helped by birth control. there are lots of levels. say in response to steve, i think cardinal dolan was clear saying this is the solution he was praying for. and secondly -- >> well, we played -- >> obama administration that just won. and absolutely beat the living daylights out of republicans on the so-called war on women. >> bret: we played a part of it he's praying with the accommodation. he has not read the whole decision. 80-page decision and waiting for the cardinals to come to some conclusion about what it all means before he weighs in fully.
3:44 pm
>> that is what i heard. >> he hasn't made a substantive judgment on it. the magic comes in with the question of who is going to pay for it. they say the insurance companies will pay for it because there will be some magical new cost. we don't know exactly where costs come from. juan offered more explanation than white house did. >> the reason we have a constitution is elections don't trump the bill of rights. exercise of religion is you were attack here. all this has done is put in regulatory language what was proposed a year ago by the administration a compromise. it's not. it's a farce. an accounting trick. catholic university for example is compelled by the state, under obamacare to offer health insurance. the elliott insurer is propelled to provide contraceptives.
3:45 pm
this is shifted to the catholic university and students. this is a gimmick. it implicates the catholic institution in the giving up of contraceptives against the religious tenet. say you have a catholic group and you are compel and there is no exception. but the worst part how they define religious institution. churches where you worship on sunday are completely exempt because that would be outrage. but the secularists at the department of h.h.s. have determined that religious means only the place where you go on sunday. if you are a catholic soup kitchen where you do god's work that is not considered
3:46 pm
religious. that in and of itself is an outrage. this issue is one this will end up in the courts. i think, at least there is a major revision, of the constitution of the high court it will be overturned. >> bret: we have 40 lawsuits, juan, some are the non-profits that the catholic church signed on to. some are the companies. like hobby lob beau and others who say we're not going to do this because we are against this no contraception, morning after pill that we believe is an abortion pill. these lawsuits look like they are going to head up the chain. go through the courts and maybe go all the way to the supreme court. >> that is fine. they have every right to appeal to the process. but i don't think there is a winning argument here. it's not the case you say you know what? we don't want to cover stds, we find it offensive that you
3:47 pm
engaged in sexual behavior. you can't do that. none of your business. the point is to provide health insurance to people, to your employees. you can make an exception for religious institution. in this case for non-profit. but to extend beyond that to hobby lob beau and then say maybe we don't cover mental illness. maybe we should have genetic testing to make sure we don't hire people with any mental illness in their family. that takes you down a rat's hole. >> bret: quick response? get to the friday light anyone round. >> -- lightning round. >> that is nonsense with all due respect. that is crazy. the constitution exists in large measure to protect things like religious liberty. the first thing that framers drafted in to it. the idea that the state can compel religious institutions to provide however the government wants to cover this or make it look like it's not paying for it, to compel the institutions to provide the things this are against is
3:48 pm
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>> bret: all right. welcome back to the friday lightning round. we have start the lightning round with winners and losers for the week. back with the panel. charles? >> winner is france. in less than a month retaken all the cities in mali from a standing start. that is quite an achievement. >> french president. >> loser obviously is chuck hagel. who had one of the worst performances i think the worst i've ever seen of a high official nominated for the cabinet. and the auxiliary losers are
3:52 pm
the democrats. after the humiliating performance. marcmarch in to voting yes. >> bret: juan? >> i think the winner this week is one of our fox news colleagues. geraldo rivera. he says he is thinking of running for the senate seat in new jersey. because he wants to represent a new kind of republican. republican that is proimmigration reform for small government, even pro-choice and he think that voice is absent now in the g.o.p. rank. >> bret: you think he will do it? >> yeah, in fact, i think that there is a better chance than most of us thought. loser is budweiser, the people who own bud wiser who tried to buy the biggest brewery in mexico. super bowl weekend. and at times if you go on a binge, somebody has to cut you
3:53 pm
off. >> my loser of the week is juan williams. for saying that. >> that is to get you back for the last panel. >> winners and losers. >> the clear winner is hillary clinton. she escaped any real scrutiny over her comments on benghazi and misleading statements and celebrated as she left her role of secretary of state. despite she doesn't have a railroad of accomplishment. my loser, other than juan, is ashton carter the number two at the pentagon. this is somebody passed over for the top spot for is chuck hagel. after watching the performance yesterday and the confirmation hearings of chuck hagel, it's clear that ash top cart her be the person who actually runs the pentagon. if hagel is in fact confirmed. >> bret: okay. big story not getting attention anyplace else but fox is american pastor in custody in iran. abatheny. his wife was on fox talking about how she wishes the
3:54 pm
u.s. government was talking more about this. >> it's unfortunate that we are hearing, we're not seeing more aggressive action from the government. i hope to see more of that. not just from the government but all over the world. this is a violation of the human rights. >> bret: he is american, in custody. in jail. in iran. steve obviously we had the 60 minutes interview with president obama and secretary clinton. that didn't come up. probably an opportunity. megaphone that he could have. >> among many other things that didn't come up. the government has to be clear-minded with this. declaring that this is unacceptable and making clear in any discussion whether it relates to nuclear program or anything else this is part of those discussions. you can't separate the nature of the iranian regime from the day-to-day actions. the obama administration wants to, because cleaner nuclear
3:55 pm
negotiation that way. >> bret: juan? >> i don't know exactly how they justify this. i don't think there is an suggestion of espionage. he was on a religious mission and he should be let go. >> bret: charles? >> it shows the unbelievable national double standard on intolerance. this guy establishing christian worship centers in private homes. now going to jail. we don't hear a word about from a government or from the united states. if there is a hint against islam anywhere, as with a video absurdity created by a crank it is heard around the world. >> bret: quickly, super bowl weekend. picks, charles? >> ravens by three. >> say again. >> ravens by three. >> bret: ravens by three. juan? >> ravens by seven to 12. >> bret: whoa! seven to 12. >> juan clearly drinking the beer on the full screen
3:56 pm
before. 49ers easily. they are the best offense in the league. in the past six weeks, the ravens defense isn't what it used to be. >> bret: okay. >> deer antler getting to them. >> bret: i am going ravens in overtime. overtime game. >> are we going to replay this on monday? >> bret: i know. i was thinking 4ers and went with the closer home team. >> the real game next week is the bear proam at pebble beach. >> at&t. >> got my money on you. you better win. >> bret: all right. i'm playing in the at&t pro-am at pebble beach next week. >> good luck. >> bret: thank you. tune. in that is it for the panel. tune in for super bowl reactions. ♪
3:57 pm
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